Our Firms Oath 

While our firm cannot make any commitment or promises as to the end result of a particular case, our firm does guarantee and promise to prepare and present the individual client's case in the most favorable light. Our varied practice allows us to be of assistance in identifying potential problem areas before they arise, as well as to effectively handle any existing issues. 

Firm Overview

For more than 25 years Hoss Hernandez has been representing clients through court proceedings. Whether in the criminal venue or the civil venue, all cases come down to two important factors, preparation and experience. When you find yourself involved in the legal system, you need to have an attorney that makes the opposition feel like they are going to loose. This is how you achieve your best result possible.


Although only 5-8% of cases whether criminal or civil actually proceed to a jury trial, the opposition must believe and understand that you are ready and willing to proceed to a trial and to be victorious. This is how the best results are obtained.